Standard Bathing and Grooming Prices:

Nail trimming or Filing

$8 for one dog or $14 for two

Small Dog

Bath: $25 - $35

Mini Groom: $35 - $45

Full Groom: $50 - $60

Medium Dog
Bath: $35 - $50
Mini Groom: $45 - $65
Full Groom: $65 - $75

Large Dog
Bath: $50 - $75
Mini Groom: $65 - $85
Full Groom: $85 - $125

We offer grooming and bathing services for all breeds.  From standard to custom styles, we will do our very best to exceed your expectations. Here at Looking Good Pet Spa it is always our goal to provide the best experience possible for your pet. To maintain a low stress environment, we focus on your pet from the time he/she arrives, till their spa experience is complete.  This means that most grooming appointments are completed within 2-3 hours.  

We have Spa Services to fit every pet's grooming needs.

Baths include: Bath, Blow Dry, Nail Trim and Filing, Ear Cleaning, and Gentle Brush Out. Dematting/knot removal is not included.

Mini Grooms include: Everything a bath does plus, trimming the hair around the feet, eyes, and a sanitary trim.

Full Grooms include: Everything a bath and Mini Groom does plus a full haircut.

Anal Gland Expression and Ear Plucking can be added to any of these Spa Services for no additional charge


Canine grooming