Canine grooming

Teeth Brushing, Select hair dying (inquire on pricing), Stylized cuts, Asian Fusion, Therapy Soaks 


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Here at Looking Good we focus on giving your pet the most positive experience possible. For this reason we do things a bit differently than most other grooming salons. We feel that a noisy, overcrowded environment causes undue stress to pets, we limit the amount of guests we have at a time. Also we pamper your pet from the time they get here until their spa services are completed. This means that from the time of your pets appointment, until we call to tell you he/she is ready to go home, your pet is our main focus. Pets are only crated if necessary for safety.

FULL Service canine grooming



Full Service Canine Grooming offered by appointment Tuesday - Saturday with evenings on Thursdays 

Bathing Includes:

Shampoo, Blow Dry, Nail Trim & File, Ear Cleaning & Plucking

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