Eco-Freindly Shampoos

Caring, high quality, spa services for your dog.

Les Pooch Shampoo

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Our Services:

Pawdicure $15

Trim, File, and top it off with a little Nail Polish for the perfect Pawdicure. Nail Polish can only be applied to exposed nails. If your dogs nails are covered by hair, we will not be able to paint their nails.

  • Detergent Free Shampoo
  • EcoFriendly Bathing System
  • BlueBerry Facial
  • Silk Protein Conditioner
  • Rejuvenating Emu Oil  
  • Toxin Free Flea Shampoos
  • Anti-Fungal PawSoak

Hydro Massage

Our Hydro Massaging Bathing System, uses high pressure soapy water to flush dirt and dead hair from the skin, while gently massaging your pet.  This system reduces shampoo & water consumption, helping us to be more ECO Friendly.

Breed Styles

Are you looking for something a little fancier than the short all over cut? We offer hand blow dry, and hand scissoring.

All Natural, Eco-Friendly 

Custom Styles

Looking for a unique style for your dog? We can do that! Temp hair color, feather extensions, Asian Fusion, & More.  Just tell us what you want and we will work with you to create a custom look for your dog.